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i don’t understand why it’s illegal to have sex with a miner they provide us with coal and electricity they deserve a little fun

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me·tal·lic - of, pertaining to, or consisting of metal.

me·tal·lic of, pertaining to, or consisting of metal.

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in 8th grade i thought dubstep was an artist and skrillex was the genre

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We are All made of Stars: Photography by Ali Ertürk

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Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

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Chris Pratt Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

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how do you even spell chiahuhah





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amanaryouserious wrote:
"MIA. You're the perfect person to ask: Should I watch How to Get Away with Murder? Does it at all resemble the actual criminal justice system? Because if it's unrealistic, it's going to drive me nuts."

Overall I think so! But I study civil law (the French system). You are under the common law so some concepts and procedures differ. You also have the US Constitution while we have the Canadian one. But even then, let’s say it’s not SUPER overly technical but it’s quite good! There’s only  been one episode so far. But watch and see for yourself! i enjoyed it :)  

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